ebot in public services

our ebot AI digital humans can support the public sector and governmental bodies in a wide range of administrative divisions to include: policy delivering, public safety procedures, licensing and permitting, taxation and pension, social services and many more

our ebot can be used to automate administrative processes, such as for driver license renewals, passports & IDs processing, housing permits or other services.

ebot can also be used to assist with the collection of data and the processing of forms, helping to streamline government operations and improve the efficiency of public services

how ebot transforms public sector

our emotive digital humans can offer tremendous support for governments and governmental organisations to streamline services, automate operations, boost efficiency, foster greater transparency and trust building with its citizens

24/7 citizen support

ebot can offer citizens quick access to information and services, such as public transportation schedules, government program details, and utility bill payments.

automated forms and applications

ebot can assist citizens in filling out various forms and applications, simplifying a wide range of processes and reducing paperwork.

public FAQs

ebot can maintain a comprehensive FAQ database, addressing common queries from citizens and providing instant responses.

real time alerts and updates

ebot can disseminate real-time information and emergency alerts, such as weather warnings, traffic updates, and public safety announcements.

e-government services

ebot can act as virtual assistants for e-government services, guiding citizens through online portals and assisting with digital transactions.


in multicultural regions, ebot can offer language translation services, ensuring effective communication with citizens from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

election support

ebot can provide citizens with voter registration details, polling station locations, and election-related information, making the electron process more accessible

complaints handling

ebot can receive citizen complaints and feedback, ensuring prompt acknowledgment and directing them to the appropriate departments for resolution.

transportation assistance

ebot can provide real-time traffic updates, suggest alternate routes, and offer information about public transportation schedules and routes.

public health information

ebot can offer information about health campaigns, vaccination drives, disease prevention, and wellness programs – to work in conjunction with local public hospitals

community engagement

ebot can facilitate community engagement by promoting local events, sharing cultural activities, and encouraging citizen participation in public initiatives.

public data access

ebot can help citizens access public data, government reports, and statistical information for research and transparency purposes.

tax and budget

ebot can provide citizens with information about government budgets, tax details, and financial transparency, helping government to be more accessible to its public

emergency broadcasting

during emergencies and natural disasters, ebot can provide critical information, safety guidelines, and emergency contacts to citizens.

adopt a persona

our ebot can adopt a desired persona ranging from professional to creative being, enabling our digital humans to be more humanised and become more approachable towards users, we use high functional linguistic dialogues to achieve hyper realistic engagements, explore to learn more  

why use ebot AI digital humans?

reasons to use you should use AI digital humans today

scalable technology

scale our ebot to meet your growth anytime

integrate direct onto business

our ebot can be implemented on your existing business

artificial intelligence assisted chats

take full advantage of latest AI technology

use AI to enhance workforce

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