education ebot

our ebot can play a significant role in the education sector by enhancing learning experiences, streamline administrative tasks, and provide personalised support to students, parents and educators

with specialised ebot for each stage of learning, we can help schools and educational institutes to deliver more engaging learning experiences to students of all ages


for age 1 to 4


for age 5 to 11


for age 12 to 16


for 6th form, FE, HE, BTEC


for all degree levels


for vocational training


for online learning

primary school ebot

for primary school and any age 5 to 11 educational institutes

private access only

secondary school ebot

for secondary school ebot and any age 12 to 16 educational institutes

private access only

college ebot

for college, sixth form or any higher education or further education institutes

university ebot

for universities, graduate programs, degree programs or similar educational institutes

vocational school ebot

for vocational schools, trade schools, technical schools or similar institutes

e-learning institutes

for online learning and virtual learning institutes

private access only