consultancy ebot

our ebot can be a valuable addition to any consultancy business by streamlining operations, enhancing customer engagement, and improving overall efficiency.

our AI-powered digital humans can handle routine tasks, answering FAQs, scheduling appointments, provide solutions to common issues, consult customers in their daily queries as well as providing industry insights

businesses can save time, reduce human workload as well as boosting efficiency and productivity across the board


for business consulting

internet of thing

for IoT & IT consulting


for financial consulting

human resource

for hr consulting


for ad consultancy


for sustainability


for healthcare consulting


for education consulting


for legal consulting

real estate

for real estate consulting

supply chain

for logistics and supply

international trade

for trade consulting

risk management

for risk consulting

public relations

for pr consultancy

management consulting ebot

for businesses that consults for other businesses

private access only

IT or IoT consulting ebot

for consulting in Informational Technology or Internet of Things

financial consulting ebot

for financial consultancy agencies, accountancy or tax or auditing agencies

private access only

hr consulting ebot

for hr consultancy, recruitment or man power supply agencies

advertisement consulting ebot

for marketing, branding or sales and advertisement strategy consultancy

private access only

environment consulting ebot

for environment, sustainability and energy policy consultancy agencies

private access only

healthcare consulting ebot

for healthcare, clinics, hospitals and wellness consulting

private access only

education consulting

for agencies consulting in all education sector

private access only

legal consulting

for legal agencies, lawyers, solicitors or similar legal consultancy businesses

real estate consulting

for real estate agents, properties rental and selling agencies

supply chain consulting

for supply chain, logistics and freights consulting agencies

private access only

international trade consulting

for international business consulting and similar agencies

private access only

risk management consulting

for risk management consulting and similar agencies

private access only

public relation consulting

for public relation consultancy and management

private access only