healthcare ebot

our ebot digital humans can truly transform healthcare sector with artificial intelligence and automation, providing instant access to healthcare information for patients and consultants across the board

key advantages included: 24/7 availability, accessibility from all communication channels, instant responses to diagnosis, virtual triage and symptom assessment, appointments scheduling, medication reminders and adherence support, health education, remote monitoring and follow ups, mental health support, patient triage and resource allocation, data collection, administrative support and many more


for general hospitals

medical centres

for medical centres


for drugs factories

device factories

for device manufacturers

insurance providers

for health insurance


for drug stores

nursing homes

and assisted living

home healthcare

for home care services

medical lab

for medical laboratories


healthcare consultants

biotech companies

for manufacturers

mental health

health facilities

counselling services

therapeutic services

rehab centres

rehabilitation facilities

dental services

public and private

surgery services

public and private

beauty services

consultants & suppliers

beauty products

consultants & suppliers

hospitals servicing ebot

for general hospitals servicing operation and administation

private access only

medical centres ebot

for assorted medical centres servicing operation and administration

pharmaceutical factories ebot

for pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical products producers

medical devices factories

for medical devices manufacturers, suppliers and distributors

health insurance ebot

for health insurance providers and consultants

private access only

pharmacies ebot

for pharmacies and drug stores ebot operation and administration

private access only

nursing homes ebot

for nursing homes and assisted living facilities

private access only

home healthcare ebot

for assorted home healthcare services and providers across all health sector

private access only

medical lab ebot

for medical laboratories that conducts and analyses samples

private access only

health consultancy ebot

for health consultancy and management consultants and service providers

private access only

biotech companies ebot

for bio-technology companies that develops physical or digital solutions

private access only

mental heathcare ebot

for mental healthcare consultants or facilities

private access only

counselling services ebot

for assorted counselling and therapeutic services provides and supporters

private access only

rehab centres ebot

for treatment centres and rehabilitation centres

private access only

dental services ebot

for dental consultants, service providers and products producers

surgery services ebot

for assorted surgery services in public and private sector

beauty healthcare ebot

for beauty healthcare consultants, service providers and beauty products producers

private access only

beauty products ebot

for beauty products consultants, distributors, retailers and producers

private access only