ebot in healthcare

our ebot digital humans can be used in the healthcare sector to assist doctors, physicians, and health consultants in providing better, more precise, and faster health services. It can be used in a variety of ways to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

our AI digital humans can be adopted by from manufacturers, suppliers, distributors to doctors, nurses to assorted health consultants across all healthcare institutes

how ebot transforms healthcare

our emotive digital humans can play a crucial role in revolutionising healthcare sector by providing numerous benefits to patients, healthcare providers, healthcare consultants and healthcare practitioners

24/7 support

ebot can provide patients with 24/7 support, answering their medical questions, offering information about symptoms, and educating them about various health conditions and treatment options

appointment scheduling

ebot can assist patients in booking appointments with doctors, specialists, or other healthcare services, streamlining the appointment scheduling process and reducing administrative workload

medical reminders

ebot can send timely medication reminders to patients, ensuring they adhere to their prescribed treatment plans and improve medication compliance.

virtual triage

ebot can perform initial patient assessments by asking relevant questions about symptoms and medical history, helping prioritise urgent cases

health monitoring and tracking

ebot can help to monitor and track health information, providing more on-hand experience for patients to improve and understand their health better

preventive care

ebot can offer personalised health and wellness tips based on a patient’s medical history and lifestyle choices, promoting preventive care and healthy habits

remote consultation

ebot can facilitate remote consultations between patients and healthcare providers, especially useful for follow-ups, minor inquiries, or non-urgent cases

language support

in diverse healthcare settings, ebot can act as language interpreters, enabling effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals

administrative assistance

ebot can assist administrative staff with tasks such as patient registration, insurance verification, and billing inquiries, improving efficiency and reducing wait times

mental health support

ebot can offer resources and support for patients dealing with mental health issues, providing coping strategies and guiding them to mental health professionals if needed

follow up support

ebot can check in on patients after their hospital discharge, monitoring their recovery progress, and offering further assistance if required

emergency response

in emergency situations, ebot can provide immediate instructions on first aid and emergency protocols while waiting for professional help

adopt a persona

our ebot can adopt a desired persona ranging from professional to creative being, enabling our digital humans to be more humanised and become more approachable towards users, we use high functional linguistic dialogues to achieve hyper realistic engagements, explore to learn more  

why use ebot AI digital humans?

reasons to use you should use AI digital humans today

scalable technology

scale our ebot to meet your growth anytime

integrate direct onto business

our ebot can be implemented on your existing business

artificial intelligence assisted

take full advantage of latest AI technology

use AI to enhance workforce

with ebot you can achieve greater efficiency