hotel concierge chatbot ebot


hotel concierge chatbot ebot
explore to find our emotive digital humanised AI solution for concierge service within the hospitality sector, suitable for hotels, motels, bed and breakfast and various other hospitality institutes

our advanced linguistic and logic model is constantly upgraded to achieve more seamless communication experience


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what is a concierge ebot?
a concierge ebot offers more personalised assistance to guests during their stay at your business, explore to see the possibilities

why use a concierge ebot?
a concierge ebot can assist with a wide range of responsibilities ranging from check in & check out assistance, providing information about hotel and recommendations, handling guest inquiries, organising special requests, providing business services, handling personal errands and many more. Benefits included:
+ 24/7 availability
+ instant responses
+ efficient handling of enquires
+ multilingual support
+ personalisation
+ reduced queues and waiting times
+ consistency in information

what concierge ebot could be used for?
a concierge ebot can offer the following functionalities:
+ reservation booking
+ checking reservation
+ cancelling reservation
+ check in
+ check out
+ upselling for addons
+ rooms recommendation
+ collect feedback
+ handle complaints

where concierge ebot can be implemented?
concierge ebot can be implemented in multiple communication channels:
+ facebook messenger
+ whatsapp
+ twitter
+ telegram
+ wechat
+ instagram
+ sms messaging
+ business website